Michael Moloi


Title: Tension Medium: Acrylic art on canvas Description: The tear on the woman’s face are painted in shades of white a subtle yes powerful touch that emphasizes the emotional weight of the scene creating a tension and unease in the viewer. composition: The tears are the center of the graphic that illustration the emotion and […]

Pain and suffering

Title: Pain and Suffering MEDIUM: Acrylic art on canvas Description:The paint is a poignant representation of the pain and suffering that many African woman experience at the hands of the abusers. it is a reminder of the need to support and uplift marginalized community and work towards a world where everyone can fell safe and […]


Title: Ram medium: Acrylic Art on canvas Description: a bold colorful piece of a a ram with big horns. Composition: This piece shows the beauty and the strength of an animal.

Deep Thinking

Title:Deep Thinking Medium: Acrylic art on canvas Description: The art depicts man deep in thought with a serous expression on his face and his resting chine, he is settled in a quiet and contemplative pose as if lost in his own thought. his eyes are open but still as if he is meditating or reflecting […]


Title:Hope Medium: Acrylic art on canvas Description: the painting is warm and inviting with shades of colors in the background. her hair is orange with lines of white and yellow like the reflection of the sun or hope. Composition: this piece encourages the viewers to see hope, continuity and strength within them self.

Spirit Bird

Title: Spirit Bird Medium: Acrylic art on canvas Description: The painting depicts a young spirit of a Native American man in vibrant bold and bright colors to create an energy and movement within the painting. Composition: this painting is a celebration of Native American culture and traditions.

Young warrior.

Title: Young warrior Medium: acrylic art on canvas Description: The painting depicts a young native man about to get married, poised and ready. the Artist has captured the warrior fierce and determination with bold brushstrokes and vivid colors bringing the scene to life. the warrior is standing tall and proud. Composition: the painting is a […]


Title: Mother Medium: Acrylic paint on canvas Description: The paint aims to celebrate the strength and protection that African mothers provide for their families, the power is on her eyes. The background is warm with earthy tone to represent the African landscape. Composition: The composition is centered on the top half of the painting.

African leopard

Title: African leopard Medium: Acrylic art on canvas Description: The painting depicts an African leopard in the mist of a hunt in a lush forest setting. the leopard is captured in mid-stripe, eye focus and ready. the forest is richly detailed with tall trees and dense foliage that create a sense of depth and dimensionality. […]