Michael Moloi

Monto we Bala

Title Monto we Bala Medium: Acrylic art on canvas Description: Monto we Bala is a Zulu word meaning a person of color, a piece is a collage of deferent colors that compliment each other well and form of a woman face. Composition: expression or exploring with colors that makes an image, the eyes are the […]

John Lewis

Title: congressman John lewis portrait. Medium: Acrylic art on canvas Description: A portrait of John lewis when he was young on the left and older and wiser John lewis on the right . the painting is hanging at the woolworth theatre were John lewis was beaten during the seating protest in the south. Composition: Remembering […]


Title Impala Medium: Acrylic art on canvas Description: A beautiful scene in the heart of the forest where an impala is captured in motion, its large eyes gaze outwards as if sensing the presence of danger In the surrounding wilderness. Composition: the painting is a masterful representation of the dichotomy between the beauty and brutality […]


Title: Courage Description: A painting depicts a woman with a strong sense of courage and beauty despite her physical limitations, she is depicted in a graceful and elegant pose with her body positioned in a way that suggests movement despite her lack of limp. the artist has captured her inner strength and resilience by emphasizing […]